Artist Profile – Masaaki Oyamada

We are pleased to introduce Masaaki Oyamada, the next artist who will be joining Saudade. Oyamada was born in the Japanese countryside, surrounded by nature and mountains. In 1999 he moved to Tokyo to study management. While pursuing his studies, he also spent some time learning and creating computer graphics, establishing himself as a graphic designer in 2003.

Oyamada moved to Holland in 2005 to work for a branding agency in Amsterdam. Most of his work involved creating packaging and branding for international corporations. After five years in Amsterdam, he took a job with a packaging design company in The Hague, where he created branding for companies in Holland and Belgium.

After the birth of his first child in 2012, Oyamada began working independently, serving clients both large and small in Europe and Japan. His stamp making began as daily exercise to use his hands and feel a sense of body. Stamps are illustrations of objects that he finds in daily life, stories of people he meets, and graphics which function in the form of stamps. Oyamada uses his stamps to create artwork, stationery, workshops and performance. For examples of his work, please visit his website,