Artist Profile – Euf Lindeboom

We are pleased to introduce Euf Lindeboom, a Dutch artist who graduated from the Academy Minerva in Groningen in 1991. She specialises in painting, drawing and graphics. In addition, she has added three-dimensional work to her repertoire over the years, most notably Houses on Wheels. In addition to her work in the visual arts, Lindeboom also writes and publishes poems.


During her childhood she lived for several years in Indonesia. Her father was working at that time in the rubber industry. Her memories of that time and the “stuff” that she kept makes working on Saudade even more interesting.

She has been working for years to improve the environment in her neighbourhood, especially cleaner air. In 2015 this resulted in the project: Schenkviaduct. This was a collaborative project with students and their tutors of the KABK.

For more on Euf Lindeboom and her work, please visit her website.